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Laser PM2.5 Sensor

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The SDS011 Dust Sensor is known for its high level of accuracy and reliability. It provides real-time measurements, allowing for continuous monitoring of air quality. The sensor is commonly used in various applications, including indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring systems, weather stations, smart homes, and environmental research. It operates on a low voltage supply and consumes minimal power, making it suitable for energy-efficient applications.


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  • Product size- L*W*H=71*70*23mm
  • Range of PM2.5 value- 0-999μg /m³
  • Range of PM10 value- 0-999μg /m³
  • Cycle- 1004ms±1%
  • High level output time at the beginning of the whole cycle- 2ms
  • The middle time of this cycle- 1000ms±1%
  • Low level output time at the end of the whole cycle- 2ms
  • Manual hibernation(Sleep and wake up)
  • Timed hibernate(Cycle to work)
  • User ID setting
  • Set data reporting mode(Active report and query report)
  • Version number query

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(+91) 7042025688