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Sound Level Meter SLM1090


  • Parameters: SPL, LEQ, Lmax, Lmin, L10, L50, L90, SEL
  • Measurement Range: 30 – 130 dB
  • Resolution: 0.1 dB
  • Range Selection: Auto
  • Frequency Weighting: “A” and “C” type
  • Time Weighting: SLOW, FAST
  • Graphics LCD Display
  • User Selectable Logging Interval (1 – 60 min)
  • 16 GB pen drive for data storage and data can be easily copied to this pen drive for further analysis and reporting.
  • 35 to 40 hours of battery backup
  • Rechargeable battery
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A sound level meter is designed for acoustic measurement requirements of safety engineers, health, industrial safety offices, and sound quality control in various environments, which include factories, offices, traffic, family and audio systems, and many others. The sound level meter determines sound pressure level (SPL), equivalent continuous sound level (Leq), Sound exposure level (SPL), and other acoustic parameters. With a portable sound level meter, industrial hygiene and workplace safety professionals can measure sound levels in multiple locations with location ID to ensure environmental conditions fall within recommended exposure limits.

Equipped with a highly sensitive microphone, the SLM1090 captures sound with exceptional accuracy across a wide frequency range. Its robust design ensures reliable performance even in challenging conditions, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The device incorporates intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface, allowing operators to navigate its functions effortlessly. Its digital display provides real-time feedback, showing sound levels in decibels (dB) along with additional parameters such as frequency weighting and time response.

One of the standout features of the SLM1090 is its versatility in data logging and analysis. It can store extensive measurement data for later review, enabling users to track sound trends over time and generate detailed reports for compliance or research purposes.

Furthermore, the SLM1090 offers various measurement modes to suit different scenarios, including fast and slow response settings for capturing transient or continuous noise levels. Additionally, it may include features such as octave band analysis for detailed frequency characterization of sound sources. Built with durability in mind, the SLM1090 is constructed from high-quality materials to withstand rugged use in demanding environments. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling during extended periods of operation, while its robust casing protects against accidental damage. Whether used in industrial settings to monitor machinery noise, in urban environments for assessing traffic noise levels, or in laboratories for conducting acoustic research, the SLM1090 stands as a reliable tool for precise sound measurement and analysis. With its combination of accuracy, functionality, and durability, it serves as an indispensable asset for professionals across various disciplines concerned with sound management and environmental quality.


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